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Resource Description Linux 3 GB
Setup Fee R195.00 
Monthly Fee R199.00 
Credit limit R10.00 
Included Features
(See below for MORE details)
Disk space MB Included 200 MB
Monthly transfer GB Included 3 GB
WEB services
CGI Resource Free
cgi-bin Resource Free
PHP Module Free
Server Side Include Setup R50.00
Monthly R0.00
Mail services
Mailbox Free 100
Setup R25.00
Monthly R5.00
Mailing List Free 0
Setup R300.00
Monthly R150.00
Mail Box Alias Free 100
Setup R25.00
Monthly R0.00
Mail Forward Free 100
Setup R25.00
Monthly R0.00
Email Auto Responder Free 100
Setup R25.00
Monthly R0.00
E-commerce options
osCommerce Setup R150.00
Monthly R25.00
SSL Module Setup R150.00
Monthly R25.00
Types of domains
Domain Free 1
Setup R150.00
Monthly R49.50
SubDomain Free 1
Setup R25.00
Monthly R10.00
Transfer Log Free
Referrer Log Setup R50.00
Monthly R0.00
Agent Log Setup R50.00
Monthly R0.00
Error Log Free
Webalizer Resource Free
Modlogan Resource Setup R50.00
Monthly R0.00
AWStats Free 1
Setup R50.00
Monthly R0.00
MySQL Database Free 6
Setup R100.00
Monthly R0.00
MySQL User Free 10
IP Address Free 0
Setup R20.00
Monthly R10.00
Virtual FTP Server Free
Network traffic Included 3 GB
Monthly R60.00/GB
Extra R60.00/GB
Disk quota Included 200 MB
Monthly R0.50/MB
Mailbox quota Included 50 MB
Monthly R0.50/MB
MySQL database quota Included 20 MB
Monthly R0.50/MB
Extra R0.50/MB
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