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Web Things Host control panel enables you to take full control of your hosting and email facilities. The features are almost endless.

  • You can add, modify or delete any email account for your domain
  • It gives you the ability to change your account settings
  • The Control Panel comes with a complete range of tools a customer may need to create, configure, launch, and promote a website. These include:
    • SiteStudio website builder;
    • WebShell, a web-based file manager;
    • web statistics analyzers: Webalizer and AWStats;
    • Kanoodle website promotion tool;
    • a password protection utility;
    • website registration with major search engines.

We also offer:

  • Professional Web Design
  • Presentation & Web Site CD's
  • E-Mail Brochures & Stationary
  • Professional Digital Photography
  • First Aid for Web Sites

Email Web Things Host Marketing today or phone us on 013 752 2689, 083 276 8497 or 071 890 8360 for more information.

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